About Me

Thank you for visiting my portfolio web site.
I am Haruyasu Kaitori from Japan. My major is a Mathematics. I love solving problems.

I started working at FUJISOFT as a Software Engineer from 2008 in Nagoya, Japan. With experiences in development of car navigation system and car platform and real-time operating systems for automotive embedded systems, I have gained programming knowledge in Python, C/C++ and Ruby. I managed and provided technical leadership to a team of 5 Software Engineers. Also I am a full-stack web developer. I have advanced knowledge in Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Based on my 8 years of experience as a Software Engineer, I am confident with my experiences and ready for a next step. When I watched "Avatar" in 2009, I was very impressed with its realistic and absolutely amazing computer graphics. It was my first time watching a 3D movie. I thought it was fascinating and looked very realistic. It inspires me to create movies that will present with as vivid an experience as possible.

I decided to live in Vancouver to change my career in 2016. I am keenly interested in new technologies and I believe that technologies will grow in the field of Visual Effects. I learned Houdini at Lost Boys to work in Visual Effects inderstry in 2017. I specialized in creating feature film simulated phenomenon and effects and pyro/smoke, particle system is my favorite subject. And then I moved to Montreal to work as a Pipeline TD at Reel FX.

Recently I am passionate about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality.

One of my favorite hobbies is hiking. I love to carry my backpack with some sandwiches, water and walk around mountains. I have been enjoying my adventure.
Thanks for your time.

Haruyasu Kaitori

Graduation Ceremony in Lost Boys